Barrie Hot Tub Rentals

Ever thought it would be nice to have a Hot Tub but you did not want to own a Hot Tub,? Well Georgian Hot Tubs can help, rent a Hot for a weekend, a holiday weekend, a week or even a month. This is a great inexpensive way to get that relaxing soak that you so deserve, or make that special occasion even a little more special.

Georgian Hot Tubs has it all in hand, the delivery, the setup, the filling of the tub, the initial water treatment and then the removal, all that you need to do is either download the form or contact the store.

At Georgian Hot Tubs in Barrie we can rent you a hot tub for a great price.
Download the rental form for more information. Download rental form now: download

Traeger Grill Rentals

Well here is he opportunity to rent and try one of the best BBQs ever. Love that summer evening barbecue? Can't forget the lingering taste of the best smoked burgers, spare ribs or wood fried pizzas? If you are in love with such food, you probably already know about Traeger grills. They are not just your run of the mill grills. They incorporate a deluxe outdoor barbeque system, which has consistently been rated as one of the best in the world. Without using charcoal or gas, these grills use indirect heat to prepare food, giving you a healthier option.

Traeger Grills: Advantages

Besides the amazing taste of the food cooked on Traeger barbecues there are other significant benefits of these grills over the traditional ones.

  1. These grills feature automated controls and settings for easier temperature control.
  2. Drippings are directed to a bucket placed outside the cooking chamber, so that there are no flare ups.
  3. Helps to reduce the fat content in your food through indirect cooking.
  4. You can bake, barbeque, braise and smoke all you want.

Well Georgian Hot Tubs can help you experience and Taste the Difference from a Traeger Grill, rent a Texas grill for a day, weekend, week or month. This is a great inexpensive way to try the best grills on the market today or make that special occasion even a little more special.

Download the rental form here for more information.

Introduced in 1992, this grill has become our most popular model. Designed after the traditional Texas Style wood cookers, this unit brings old fashioned wood cooking into the 21st century by featuring a high-tech auger-fed burner, electronic Auto start, solid state control system and EZ-drain grease system. Forget fire tending and temperature control problems. This unit automatically augers wood pellets to accurately provide three different cooking temperatures: Smoke, Medium and High. Traditional design combined with "state of the art" technology deliver professional results every time you cook.